Recent Thoughts // Simplification

Design appears to be shifting. However, unlike a "trend" this shift is a not a knee-jerk reaction to a "latest and greatest" product or idea in fashion, technology or art. Instead, it appears slower and more methodical - possibly indicating a more lasting impact? The shift is simplification. The last 20-30 years of mass-consumerism have taught us to expect constant variety and change - a cyclical movement of in-fashion and out-of-fashion. We think that this may give way to a global preference for simpler designs - not less design, or cheaper design.

Take the Musling Restaurant in Copenhagen as an example. Designed by Space Copenhagen, maintains a simple layout, palette, and selection of fixtures/furnishings without being uncomfortably minimal or appearing cheap. The Musling restaurant has character, richness of material, and visual interest. 

We at JWA look forward to seeing this evolution of design as we regularly advocate for timeless interiors as a way for clients to safeguard their investment in real estate.