Unique Installation // Baux Acoustic Panels

Heard the name Baux lately? We're not surprised if you have. Baux, is gaining international exposure for their unique building material that is "surprisingly functional and remarkably beautiful". Founded by Johan Ronnestam, Fredrik Franzon, and the the design studio Form Us With Love (one of Fast Company's ‘50 most influential designers shaping the future’), Baux is a Swedish company that supplies acoustic panels made of WoodWool.

These panels are not only sound absorbent but also moisture-regulating, heat-regulating, and a recycled product. JWA Design worked with Opus and Baux to bring one of the first North American installs to Britannia, Calgary. Utilizing one of Baux's pre-created designs that matched the Opus color palette, JWA assembled the 250 piece magnetic-backed puzzle over an eight hour day. To see more about Baux click here.