Services // Graphic Design

JWA's in-house graphic design team has worked alongside the interior designers on many of our  recent projects adding an additional layer of visual interest and client-specific branding . The graphic design team's work has included custom interior signage, vinyl film applications, custom rugs, custom textiles, and, most frequently, custom wall coverings. The images above are a few examples.  

Meaningful branding on an interior design project extends far beyond simply placing a brand's logo on the wall behind the reception desk. We work directly with our clients to extend the reach of their corporate branding guidelines beyond two-dimensional formats (stationary, websites, advertising, etc...) to include interior space.

We'll share one secret we've discovered. One very successful approach has been to add subtle references that only "insiders" will understand -- for example the colour of a former logo or an aerial map of a company significant site.

Our range of capabilities also include logo design, stationary design, and illustrations.